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Welcome to Kelli M. McChesney's Clogging page, where you will find information about my clogging activities as well as useful clogging resources. If you can't find the answer to your clogging question on my site, please feel free to e-mail me!


Kelli M. McChesney

What is Clogging? - An article I've written with a little background on clogging.

Kelli's Clogging Bio - Learn more about my clogging background and accomplishments!

Kelli's Choreography - Cue sheets for some of the routines I've choreographed.

Kelli's Scrapbook - Pictures from some of the clogging events I've attended. (Coming soon!)

1st Klass Kloggers - The official site for my clogging group and local class information.

Clogging FAQ - Answers to frequently-asked clogging questions.

Clogging Resources - Visit this page to find clogging groups and classes in your area, cue sheets and choreography hints, instructor assistance, links to clogging vendors and more.

Clogging Links


What is Clogging? Clogging Bio Choreography Scrapbook
1st Klass Kloggers Clogging FAQ Clogging Resources Clogging Links

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